Company Profile CAP SD B.V.

CAP SD advises on energy and climate policy, sustainable development and sustainable housing. We support governments, public organizations and the private sector in the Netherlands, Europe and the developing world.

CAP SD is associated with SQ Consult, an international network of more than 30 energy, climate and sustainability experts. This allows us to complement our own expertise to meet the full range of services and specialisms.

Mark van Wees (MSc Physics and Environmental Management) is Director and Senior Consultant at CAP SD. Mark has over 20 years of experience in energy and environment research and consultancy. His main expertise is in climate policy, energy policy studies and in the implementation of energy saving and renewable energy policy. Mark works as an energy and climate consultant in the Netherlands, the European Union, Eastern and South East Europe, and in developing countries. 

Climate Change Policy

National and sector climate change strategies action plans (both mitigation and adaptation). Policy evaluation. Emission trading and new market mechanisms. Carbon markets. NAMAs identification and evaluation. Greenhouse gas scenario modelling and analysis. Cost supply curves. CDM project identification and assessment. Climate finance and climate mainstreaming. Corporate carbon management strategies. Climate neutrality and foot printing. Project references

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

National and sector energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies. Action plans. Policy evaluation Energy efficiency in housing. Assessment/evaluation of energy efficient measures. Energy efficiency legislation. Barrier analysis. Cost supply curves. Analysis and modelling including scenario analysis. Project financing. Trainings. Project references

Technical Assistance and Project Management

Research, consultancy and technical assistance projects in non-EU countries. Energy, climate and housing policy. Energy and climate acquis in candidate Member States. Institutional capacity building. Training programs. Awareness campaigns. More than 10 year experience in managing large teams of local and international experts as Team Leader.
Locations: Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, South Africa, Guinea (Conakry), Madagascar.
Clients: EuropeAid, FWC Benef, European Commission, UNDP, financial institutions (EBRD), and multilateral development banks (World Bank). Project references

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