Monthly Archives: April 2018

SQ Consult get-together in Berlin

Mark van Wees is associate consultant with SQ Consult. SQ Consult is an international consultancy, fully dedicated to supporting its clients in achieving sustainable, low carbon and climate resilient development. The network of experts provide technical, legal, regulatory, policy, economic and financial expertise. The annual get-to-gether of all SQ Consult associates was held in Berlin.

Project Energy efficient communities in Armenia

The project "EU for Civil Society“ is funded by the EU Delegation to Armenia (total budget is more than €370 000 with funding from EU Delegation of €335 000. 40 Mio AMD will be targeted to support small community initiatives only) with the aim of raising awareness on energy efficiency among the citizens of Armenia and implementing practical measures to improve energy utilization pattern, increase quality of life and reduce energy bills. The coordinator of the project is ASBA (the National Social Housing Association of Armenia) and project partners include Seven7, the energy efficiency centre (Czech Republic), EnergieU (the Netherlands) and IWO (Germany). The project is running until the end of 2019. Mark van Wees represents Energy U in this project.