Climate Change Policy


  • Climate change calls for an ambitious and carefully designed national and foreign climate policy with regard to the policy targets, the policy instruments and to the concrete measures in both mitigation and adaptation.
  • CAP SD advises governments, international organizations and the private sector on climate policies and strategies, and specific policy instruments.
  • We carry out policy research, and identify cost-effective options for emission reduction. We use modelling and scenario approaches.
  • CAP SD advises on the potential of project-based mechanisms, including CDM. We also support the development of new market mechanism and NAMAs in developing countries. Our partners at SQ Consult can draw on an extensive experience in the design and implementation of emission trading schemes, in particular for the European Union.
  • We advise companies on carbon management and the strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of company and products (with Ecofys).


  • National Climate Change Strategy of Jordan. UNDP-funded project supporting the Ministry of Environment in developing and drafting the National Climate Change Policy of Jordan.
  • Mainstreaming climate change objectives in the EU Blending facilities for financing development. Mark van Wees recommended on mainstreaming climate change objectives in the EU financial instruments for development in a study for DG DEVCO.
  • Climate aspects of the Serbian Energy Sector. Mark van Wees was Team Leader and Key Expert. Assessment of the impact of the EU ETS on the energy sector and roadmap for preparation of the ETS. Other topics covered GHG mitigation scenarios in 2020, low carbon energy sector scenarios 2050, carbon capture and storage, and the potential of carbon market mechanisms in Serbia.
  • Services in the field of Carbon Strategy Development, Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation (Philips Lighting). Identification and development of energy efficient lighting projects for climate change mitigation under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI). Location: Central and Eastern Europe and developing countries.

Clients and Regions

  • We have worked for the Dutch, Danish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian governments. Other clients in climate change projects include Philips Lighting, Agency NL, European Commission, and multilateral (financial) organizations: EBRD, Worldbank and UNDP.
  • We have built up expertise in capacity building projects in various host countries for climate project mechanisms and NAMAs, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Latvia, Russia, Indonesia, India, China, and Jordan.
  • We have supported the implementation of the EU Emission Trading Scheme in Romania and Serbia.

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