Market study smart heated carpets


Carpets fulfil many purposes in buildings: interior, design, comfort, acoustics, and health. A new generation heated carpets could combine all these services with providing heating comfort. In addition, smart controls could personalise the thermal comfort services to individual needs of office workers and household members. The project “Composing the New Carpet” acknowledged the potential of this concept (with working product name Cos-e). A market study was carried out as a final step in the project to complement the design  phase.

  • Cos-e is suited as a supplementary heating system to complement heating  and climate systems in  houses, offices and other utility buildings.
  • In open office spaces, Cos-e can be used to provide individual office workers with personal thermal comfort at the work place.
  • In care homes and hospitality, personal and individual thermal comfort requirements differ strongly. Cos-e can meet these.


The project was managed by EWW Consultants

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