Industrial Energy Efficiency Policies in Large Economies

SQ Consult is supporting the Institute for Industrial Productivity IIP in the development of an on-line database and library on industrial energy efficiency (and GHG emission reduction) policies. IIP is a newly established not-for-profit organization whose objective is to act as a key source of knowledge on industrial energy efficiency and a technical assistant to key countries’ industrial efficiency programs. As part of its toolkit, IIP is developing a global database on industrial energy efficiency and GHG mitigation policies as well as an on-line library describing best practice energy efficiency policies in industry. SQ Consult is supporting the development of the database and library by analyzing industrial energy efficiency policies using a “policy pyramid” framework, which assumes that an effective policy package consists of multiple policy instruments that address multiple barriers to energy efficiency improvements and are mutually reinforcing. Mark van Wees mapped the energy efficiency policies in India (2010-2011).

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