Social Housing and Energy Efficiency in Armenia

Recently, the first Armenia-Dutch social housing organization was established. There is a strong need in Armenia for affordable rentals and the newly established organization will promote and manage the 1st investments in social rental housing.  

The project supported  sustainable housing management / energy efficiency and sustainable development in housing. The project aimed to transfer the experience in the Netherlands in housing management to existing and new Armenian organizations and to enable establishing of policy and legislative environment. Provided policy and institutional capacity building to relevant stakeholders. On-the-job training. Awareness rising planning.

A pilot will start with the construction of houses in Dilijan. Aim is to offer affordable housing for Armenian middle and low income households.

Mark van Wees was Team Leader. Involvement from DIGH, Woonbron, Housing+ and local organizations in the housing sector. The project is financially supported by the Matra Programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Budget € 650.000. 2010-2013.

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