Technical Assistance and Project Management


  • CAP SD and Mark van Wees have a large track record in contributing and managing technical assistance projects to non-EU countries (over 20 year experience in this field).
  • Mark van Wees is a very experienced team leader and project manager: more than 10 years experience in leading large international project teams.
  • We organise training programs for public and private actors on energy and climate issues. We advise on institutional and legal frameworks for implementation of climate and energy policies.
  • We advise and co-draft policy documents, strategies, legislation, and action plans on national and sectoral level.


  • Mark van Wees has been Team Leader of several large international technical projects, including the project Social Housing in Armenia (€ 650k), and Sustainable Development of the Serbia Energy Sector (€ 600k).
  • Mark has been key expert and non-key expert in wide range of projects.
  • He has developed, supported and drafted succesful tenders and proposals.

Clients and Regions

  • Mark van Wees has carried out technical assistance projects as expert and team leader in: Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, South Africa, Guinea (Conakry), and Madagascar.
  • Clients:  EuropeAid, FWC Benef, European Commission, UNDP, financial institutions (EBRD), and multilateral development banks (including World Bank), and the Dutch Government.Project references

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